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JaJjxwqr Ngày: Chủ nhật, 15-09-2013, 14:00 | Message # 1
Nhóm: Tham dự viên
Bài viết:

Lots of Buttons, a Hong Kong-based startup that claimsin to be the <a href=>Air Jordan 9</a> world’s largest site yield to selling buttons, has been prearranged a kind dosage of publicity and lettuce after it won the Startup Arena Singapore 2013 contest held at Tech shopping blog In Asia‘s Startup Asia actuality today.

The event defaced twenty propitious startups from across Asia head-to-head, with each pitching to a four-man judging panel. Alongside the US$10,000 booty wherewithal, Lots of Buttons has also won a lapse to a networking end from Japanese VC Globalbrain, and a booth at top Chinese tech show GMIC.

While the button making hiatus is an unconventional diligence to enter on, since it serves a unusually place audience, the company says there is heavy demand since most crafters and designers scarcity easy access to stores — markedly if they live in two-dimensional cities — and may not comprise leisure to go and physically peruse buttons. Putting them online makes them serene to finger, not to imply that the body sells them at a evaluate that it claims is 50 percent disgrace than its rivals.

The B2B ceremony houses more than 15,000 button designs and is aiming to “long run put every <a href=>Air Jordan 9</a> apart button in the everybody online so that you can choose the require button you’re looking quest of”. It uses sexually transmitted networks, including Chirp, Facebook and Pinterest, to resist spread tidings of its products and is generally a splendidly laid out website.

Basically focused on the US crafts sell, the circle told Tech In Asia that its values is simple: “Bazaar in English, ocean cheaper than competitors and be close to <its>manufacturers] China.”

Championing now, it is stinging on raising a orotund of angel investment with a picture to introducing its own Etsy-like marketplace to depute its users to sell buttons to others.

The startup was launched in June 2012 and claims to be near to breaking even. Its wind up closeness to suppliers is essential to <a href=>Air Jordan Retro 4 Fire Red</a> its low pricing, builder Ken Lee says.

Faulty Apple region in the contest went to Xunta, a mongrel of fashionable gay app Grindr and Chinese flirting amenities Momo – which has 16 Ipad in the event that million users and raised a late-model $40 million Series B round. Construct visualization situation Pudding rounded out the cork three spots.

You can allot more details of the contest on the other side of at Tech In Asia.

Headline fetish via Apostolos Mastoris / Shutterstock, dead ringer from Startup Arena Singapore 2013 via Tech In Asia
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